FLOCONTROL has been concept to satisfy all relative necessity for one / two switch – over system or for independent four solenoid valves control integrated into the equipment. The unit takes place in particular applications where it is required an safety control for the supply gas by critical conditions aa: fire detection, gas detection, high – low pressure, etc... Completely programmable with 4 buttons on front panel, FLOCONTROL satisfies the following functions: Automatic control of two different switch – over system Logic control of 4 indipendent pneumatic valves Status, measurements and alarm monitoring Emergency shut – off with stop gas supply FLOCONTROL manages and monitoring until 4 inputs 4-20mA and 10 digital inputs. All inputs can be assign for the switch – over functions or for Shut – off status. Every status is followed by System – halt status; this status is present at the end of all Shut – off conditions with restart pressing the relative button. On System – halt the solenoid valves interested remain close until the manual activation by the operator.

Local monitoring of measures, status and alarms with associated ID
Wide display 4 lines x 20 characters with LED backlight
Red flashing light for Shut – off and alarm status
Yellow flashing light for System Halted status
Alarm acoustic signal whit stop pushbotton (Alarm ACK)
Alarm recovery time set by user
Programming by pushbottons on front panel
Visual indication of switch over system status and system fault conditions
Auxiliary switch output for external cumulative alarm indicator or hooter
4 pilot solenoid valves with following functions: control for 4 indipendent pneumatic valves, control for one switchover
system and two indipendent pneumatic valves, control for two switchover system
Manual control of solenoid valves by pushbotton on front panel
System restart by pushbotton on front panel

Automatic Switch over system for two banks of technical and pure gas storage
Environment monitoring and control in industrial or laboratory
Process control for technical or pure gas system

Technical data
Power supply 230 Vac 50 / 60 Hz, P max 6 VA, fuse 0,5 A
Visual indication
Display 4 lines x 20 characters with back light
Shut-off and alarm status: red LED Ø 20 mm at high efficiency
System Halted status: yellow LED Ø 20 mm
Valve status: green LED Ø 5 mm
System fault: yellow LED Ø 5 mm
Alarm sound Speaker volume adjustable max 95 dB @ 1 meter
Inputs No. 4 analog inputs for 4...20 mA transducer
No. 10 digital inputs
Pneumatic output N°4 uscite per rilsan Ø 4 / 6 mm
Connections Ø 4 / 6 mm, maximum pilot pressure 8-10 bar
Relay outputs No. 1 relay contact, software configurable as NO or N.C.
Vmax = 250 Vdc / Vac, Imax = 100 mA
Housing PCV white for wall mounting, dim. 310 x 380 x 140 mm
Weight 5.100 gr.
Operating temperature 0...65°C
Reference standars and directives CE


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