This unit implements a full solution for pressures and alarms control monitoring in storage and supply gas system plants. The SDAM A5 type is equipped by 5 analog 4...20 mA inputs, to include all 5 medical gases.
The control unit view the display alarms, state and measures, the presence of an alarm, activate the audible warning and visual. Through the button for reset alarms are caputerd by the operator.
The controller can be connected to a local network (RS485) to one or more SDAMGUARD or PC for centralized monitoring manned station, is the same network can connect up to 253 Units.
The programming of the control unit is via PC, through it you can set the function of the realy output, the identification of the area, the parameters of analog or digital inputs such as the identification string, the type of contact (for digital) the range of the measure and the alert threshold (for analog), the priority of the alarm.

10 analog inputs for 4...20 mA analog transducers
Values in standard units, with associated ID and unit specification
Low and high alarm set – points for each inputs
Classification as information, medium priority or high priority alarm for each inputs
Display 2 lines x 20 characters with LED backlight
Yellow and red alarm lights associated to medium and high priority alarm status
Alarm recovery time adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes
Auxiliary output switch for external cumulative alarm indicator or hooter
Proprietary network protocol SDAMNET
Programming by Windows software application SDAM Programming Tool

Monitoring of measures from transmitters distributed in to the plant
Monitoring of measures from pressure transmitters in gas storages

Technical data
Power supply 230 Vac 50 / 60 Hz, P max 5 VA, fuse 0,5 A
Visual indication Display
Display 2 lines x 20 characters with back light
Medium priority alarm: yellow LED Ø 20 mm
High priority alarm: red LED Ø 20 mm at high efficiency
Alarm sound Buzzer Piezoelectric speaker, volume adjustable up to 95 dB @ 1 meter
Inputs N°5 inputs for transducers 4...20 mA on 2, 3 or 4 wires, power supply 20 Vdc (15 Vdc @ 20 mA)
Relay outputs No. 1 relay contact, software configurable as NO or N.C.
Vmax = 48 Vdc / Vac, Imax = 1 A
Housing 9 modules DIN rail (EN 60715)in accordance with DIN 43380, PCV, dim. 160 x 90 x (h) 58 mm
Local network Proprietary protocol SDAMNET on bidirectional RS485
Weight 56 0 gr.
Operating temperature 0...65°C
Reference standars and directives CEI – EN50081-1, CEI – EN50082-1, CEI – EN60601-1, DE 73/23/EC, DE 89/336/EC


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