The SICURCRIO is the temperature controller for distribution gas line according to ISPESL Circular No. 9 of 19.07.2004.
The circular ISPESL No. 9 states that plants fueled by cryogenic tanks are equipped with a system downstream of the vaporizer, able to "close the passage of the cryogenic fluid if the fluid temperature is less than the minimum design of the tank where the fluid is intended".
TGE SRL offers a complete solution able to meet the requirements of the Circular and in the meantime to implement a number of different functions, to enhance the delivery of the fluid even in critical situations.
SICURCRIO consists of an electronic board in waterproof plastic mount wall, with the following characteristics:
Front panel
- green LED signaling consensus temperature sensors 1 and 2
- red LED status indicator lock
- Reset Button
Process Interface
- No.2 inputs for PT100 temperature sensor or thermostat (optional)
- No.2 outputs for external pilot control valves 220 Vac, 20 VA max
- No.1 NO input of temporary block from external devices (active fault vaporizer)
- No.1 NO contact output power for indicating the lock status
- Internal potentiometer for adjusting the set-point in the range -30 ... 0 ° C
- Jumper selection for internal Auto Recovery / power block

Local Distribution line control for technical and medical gases supplied by cryogenic tanks
Monitoring status indication by LED (green and red) relative to temperature 1 and 2
Lock status indication by LED red indication
Low temperature Set-point (1 e 2) adjustable by potentiometers on internal electronic board
Manual system restart from permanent lock status by pushbutton on front panel
Permanent and temporary lock configuration by jumper on internal electronic board
Temporary lock control by external devices (active vaporizer fail)
Voltage outputs for solenoid pilot valves
Electrical contact output for lock status information

Technical data
Power supply 230 Vac 50 / 60 Hz, P max 6 VA, fuse 0,5 A
Visual indication LED verde Ø 5 mm
Power on: LED Ø 5 mm green
Inputs status: LED Ø 5 mm high efficiency, green/ red
Inputs for PT100 N°2 ingressi analogici con range di regolazione -30...0°C
2 analog inputs with adjustable range -30...0°C
Signal: 4/20 mA on two wires - Power supply: 24 Vdc –
Measure range: -40°C/ +50°C
Auxiliary input Signal: free contact N.O.
Max voltage (open circuit): 15 Vdc
Short-circuit current: 20 mA
Solenoid valve output control 2 Outputs - Power supply: 220 Vac - P max.: 20VA
Lock output signal Segnale: contatto NPN N.A. - Signal: NPN contact N.O. - Max Voltage applicable: 48 Vdc (only c.c.) - Max current commutable: 50 mA
Electrical connections Morsetti a vite - Screw clamp
Housing IP55 per montaggio a parete, plastico bianco, dim. 200 x 155 x (h) 80 mm
PCV white for wall mounting, dim. 200 x 155 x 80 mm
Weight 800 gr.
Operating temperature -20°...60°C
Reference standars and directives CEI-EN50081-2, CEI-EN50082-1, CEI-EN60601-1, DE73/23/EC, DE 89/336/EC CE



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